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Installs in Minutes with No Freight Car
Modification or wiring Required

Model# EOT-33-Y Shown
Patented Technology - US Patent 7,549,609

EOT Features

  • HO Scale

  • Ready to Run

  • RailPro, DCC or Analog Compatible

  • Continuous Operation with RailPro and DCC

  • Exceptional Detail including Antenna, Carry Handle, Red Reflector, and More

  • Prototypically Accurate Size

  • Prototypically Accurate Flash Rate and Time create by onboard microcontroller.

  • Low Rolling Friction for an Electrical Pick-Up Design

  • No Batteries Required - Picks up power from the track

  • Fits most train cars

  • #158 Scale Whisker Coupler Included

  • Black Metal Wheels

  • Prototypically Accurate Exponential Curve in Wheel Face

  • Made in USA


Because the flasher circuit is under the truck, the installation does not affect freight car load!

Without Load Installed With Load Installed

Typical Installations

33" Wheels
Typical Installations

Well Car

Auto Carrier
36" Wheels
Typical Installations

Tank Car

Cement Car
33" Wheels and Long Wires
 Typical Installations

89' Flat

Center Beam

Take a look inside to see the advance electronic and mechanical design that makes the EOT operate without flickering.  The EOT also works well on even moderately dirty and slightly uneven track.

Truck is upside down and cover removed to show electronics.
Patented Technology - US Patent 7,549,609


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