Ring Engineering Power Pick-Up Truck

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Power Pick-Up Truck!

Use to get power from the track for caboose lights,
sound decoders, cameras and more!

Design provides dependable four-wheel contact
on slightly uneven and moderately dirty track!

Model# PPT-36-T Shown


  • HO Scale

  • RailPro, DCC and, Analog compatible

  • 750mA Maximum Current

  • 4 Spring Loaded Bushings

  • 4 Wheel Independent Suspension

  • Built in Short Circuit Protection with Auto Reset

  • Machined and Blackened Wheels

  • Prototypically Accurate Exponential Curve in Wheel Face

  • Fits Many Freight Cars and Cabooses

  • Low Rolling Friction for an Electrical Pick-Up Design

  • Made in USA

Instruction Sheet

Technical Support Note
Ring Engineering will provide technical support only on the Power Pick-Up truck. Ring Engineering cannot provide technical support on electrical circuit design for the product that you are attaching to our Power Pick-Up Truck. Technical support on electrical circuit design is not included in the price of this product.

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33" wheels
Price $24.99
Ships in 1-3 Business Days

36" wheels
Price $24.99
Ships in 1-3 Business Days

Matching Trucks for Power Pick-Up Trucks
Use these trucks for the front truck on your End of Train Freight Car.  These trucks have no electronics or wires but match the truck used to build the Power Pick-Up Trucks.

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