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RailPro products by Ring Engineering are professional, and very easy to use model railroad control products, which can be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike.  The HC-2 is a wireless controller with a color touchscreen that can be used to operate your model railroad layout.  The HC-2 can control the speed, direction, lights, and sounds of locomotives and other accessories by simply touching the screen!  RailPro products are equipped with Direct Radio and are designed to work together.  Direct Radio allows the RailPro components to communicate with each other without any wires!  Direct Radio is very fast giving your RailPro products quick response to your controls. 




Installs in Minutes with No Freight Car Modification or wiring Required

We have an End of Train Device solution for all your freight train needs including unit stack trains an
d Auto Carrier trains.

Patented Technology - US Patent 7,549,609


Power Pick-Up Truck!

Use to get power from the track for caboose lights,
sound decoders, cameras and more!

Design provides dependable four-wheel contact
on slightly uneven and moderately dirty track!

Model# PPT-36-T Shown



Freight Car Trucks

Our trucks provide low friction and smooth rolling when you install two of them on a freight car. They give your freight car a lower center of gravity for outstanding rail adhesion.  Also, these are perfect for the other end of the car that uses one of our End of Train Devices or Power Pick-Up Trucks!


Our wheels have very low rolling friction because the axle tips are metal (not plastic) and a give the freight car a lower center of gravity because of their high density for outstanding rail adhesion.

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