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Freight Car Trucks

Our trucks are outstanding trucks when you put two of them on a freight car.  They have very low rolling friction and a give the freight car a lower center of gravity for outstanding rail adhesion.

Also these are perfect for the other end of the car that uses one of our End of Train Devices and Power Pick-Up Trucks.

Model # TRK-33
Matching Truck for EOT-33 and EOT-33-LW
Price $4.95

Model # TRK-36
Matching Truck for EOT-36
Price $4.95

Truck Features

  • HO Scale

  • Prototypically Accurate Exponential Curve in Wheel Face

  • Machined Metal Wheels for True Running

  • Machined Axles for True Running

  • Metal Axle Tips for Less Rolling Friction

  • Non-Magnetic

  • Wheels are made from all Electrically Conductive Materials

  • Matches our End of Train Device Wheels


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