Ring Engineering Hobby Shop List

Hobby Shop List

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State: AZ

City: Avondale

Hobby Shop Name:   Litchfield Station
Address:   1412 N. Central Ave. Ste D
Phone Number:    (623) 289-7355
Internet Address:   www.litchfieldstation.com

City: Phoenix

Hobby Shop Name:   An Affair With Trains
Address:   301 W Deer Vally Road, ste 4
Phone Number:    (623) 434-6778
Internet Address:   www.aawtrains.com

State: CA

City: Bellflower

Hobby Shop Name:   RailMaster Hobbies Inc.
Address:   9812 Belmont St.
Phone Number:    (562) 867-5627
Internet Address:   www.railmasterhobbies.com

City: Carlsbad

Hobby Shop Name:   Arrow Hobby/Aline
Address:   PO Box 2701
Internet Address:   www.ppw-aline.com

City: Concord

Hobby Shop Name:   Just Trains
Address:   5650-H lmhoff Dr.
Phone Number:    (925) 685-6566
Internet Address:   www.just-trains.com

City: Fresno

Hobby Shop Name:   HobbyTown USA
Address:   2683 West Spruce
Phone Number:    (559) 435-3342
Internet Address:   www.hobbytownusa.com

City: Pasadena

Hobby Shop Name:   The Original Whistle Stop
Address:   2490 East Colorado Blvd.
Phone Number:    (626) 796-7791
Internet Address:   www.thewhistlestop.com

State: FL

City: New Port Richey

Hobby Shop Name:   Yankee Dabbler
Address:   1329 Middlesex Drive
Phone Number:   (727) 457-9227
Internet Address:   www.yankeedabbler.com

City: Panama City

Hobby Shop Name:   Kirkland Hobbies
Address:   1525 Lisenby Avenue
Phone Number:    (850) 215-8202

City: Pensacola

Hobby Shop Name:   Trains By Johnson
Address:   10412 N.Palafox Street
Phone Number:   (850) 478-8584
Internet Address:   www.trainsbyjohnson.com

State: GA

City: Dacula

Hobby Shop Name:   Squeaky's Trains & Things LLC
Phone Number:   470-344-4404
Internet Address:   SqueakysTrains.com

City: Roswell

Hobby Shop Name:   Blue Ox Trains
Address:   425 Market Place
Phone Number:   404-312-6467
Internet Address:   www.blueoxtrains.com

State: IA

City: Hampton

Hobby Shop Name:   Eastside Trains and RC
Address:   119 1st St NW
Phone Number:   (641) 456-1998

City: Urbandale

Hobby Shop Name:   Hobby Haven
Address:   2575 86th Street
Phone Number:    (800) 697 - 1213
Internet Address:   www.hobbyhaven.com

State: IL

City: Albion

Hobby Shop Name:   RLD Hobbies
Address:   873 Funkhouser St
Phone Number:    (618) 446-2970
Internet Address:   www.RLDHobbies.com

City: Chicago

Hobby Shop Name:   Grayland Station
Address:   5514 W. Devon
Phone Number:    (773) 594-1906
Internet Address:   www.graylandstation.com

City: Des Plains

Hobby Shop Name:   Des Plains Hobbies
Address:   1468 Lee St.
Phone Number:    (847) 297-2118
Internet Address:   www.desplainshobbies.com

City: Lombard

Hobby Shop Name:   Lombard Hobbies
Address:   524 E. St. Charles Place
Phone Number:    (630) 620-1084

City: Marion

Hobby Shop Name:   Chuck's Depot
Address:   1913 W. Rendleman St.
Phone Number:    (618) 993-9179

City: Springfield

Hobby Shop Name:   Castle Trains & Treasures
Address:   4782 Old Jacksonville Road
Phone Number:    (217) 793-0407

City: Wauconda

Hobby Shop Name:   ACCU-LITES, Inc.
Address:   118 S. Main St. STE 12
Phone Number:    (847) 224-7914
Internet Address:   www.acculites.com

State: IN

City: Griffith

Hobby Shop Name:   G & G Hobbies
Address:   105 E. Main St.
Phone Number:    (219) 924-6686
Internet Address:   www.gghobbies.com

City: Indianapolis

Hobby Shop Name:   Train Central
Address:   6742 E. Washington Street
Phone Number:    (317) 375-0832
Internet Address:   www.waynestrains.biz

City: Muncie

Hobby Shop Name:   Toys Forever Models & Hobbies, Inc
Address:   311 South Walnut Street
Phone Number:   (765) 288-6505
Internet Address:   www.toysforeverhobbies.com

State: KY

City: Louisville

Hobby Shop Name:   Scale Reproductions
Address:   3073 Breckinridge Lane
Phone Number:    (502) 459-5849
Internet Address:   www.srihobbies.com

State: MA

City: Malden

Hobby Shop Name:   USA Trains
Address:    662 Cross Street
Phone Number:    (781) 322-6084
Internet Address:   www.UsaTrains.com

City: Boston

Hobby Shop Name:   The Railroad Depot
Address:   P. O. Box 320174
Phone Number:    (617) 327-4208
Internet Address:   www.TheRailroadDepot.com

City: Dracut

Hobby Shop Name:   BNM Hobbies
Address:   73 Pine Valley Drive
Phone Number:    (978) 328-3276

City: Tyngsboro

Hobby Shop Name:   Hobby Emporium
Address:   440 Middlesex Rd
Phone Number:    (978) 649-5055

State: MD

City: Cockeysville

Hobby Shop Name:   M.B. Klein Inc.
Address:   243 Cockeysville Road
Phone Number:    (888) 872-4675
Internet Address:   www.modeltrainstuff.com

State: MI

City: Flint

Hobby Shop Name:   Riders Hobby Shop
Address:   2061 S. Linden Rd.
Phone Number:   (810) 720-2500
Internet Address:   www.Riders.com

City: Grand Rapids

Hobby Shop Name:   Riders Hobby Shop
Address:   2055 28th Street SE
Phone Number:   (616) 247-9933
Internet Address:   www.Riders.com 

City: Wyoming

Hobby Shop Name:   Hobby World
Address:   2851 Clyde Park SW
Phone Number:    (616) 538-6130

State: MO

City: Kansas City

Hobby Shop Name:   Doc's Caboose, Inc.
Address:   1400 Union Ave.
Phone Number:    (816) 471-7114
Internet Address:   www.docscaboose.com

State: MN

City: Little Canada

Hobby Shop Name:   Hub Hobby Center
Address:   82 Minnesota Ave.
Phone Number:    503-992-8181
Internet Address:   www.hubhobby.com

State: NC

City: Arden

Hobby Shop Name:   Factory Direct Trains
Address:   7 Glenn Bridge Road, Unit B
Phone Number:    (800) 990-3381
Internet Address:   www.factorydirecttrains.com

City: Fayetteville

Hobby Shop Name:   Hayes Hobby House
Address:   809 Elm Street
Phone Number:    (910) 485-2337

City: Spencer

Hobby Shop Name:   Little Choo Choo Shop
Address:   500 S Salisbury Ave
Phone Number:    (704) 637-8717
Internet Address:   www.littlechoochooshop.com

State: ND

City: Neche

Hobby Shop Name:   Precision Design Co.
Phone Number:    (204) 324-4807
Internet Address:   www.pdc.ca

State: NE

City: Deshler

Hobby Shop Name:   Spring Creek Model Trains
Address:   304 Bryson Ave.
Phone Number:    (402) 365-7628
Internet Address:   www.springcreekmodeltrains.com

City: Omaha

Hobby Shop Name:   House of Trains
Address:   8106 Maple Street
Phone Number:    (402) 934-7245
Internet Address:   www.HouseOfTrains.net

State: NH

City: Penacook

Hobby Shop Name:   Remote Control Systems of New England
Address:   79 Abbott Rd
Phone Number:   (603) 321-1347
Internet Address:   www.rcsofne.com

State: NJ

City: Bellmawr

Hobby Shop Name:   Yankee Dabbler
Address:   101 W Kings Hwy
Phone Number:   (856) 312-8084
Internet Address:   www.yankeedabbler.com

City: Berkeley Heights

Hobby Shop Name:   Micro-Mark
Address:   340 Snyder Avenue
Phone Number:   (800) 225-1066
Internet Address:   www.MicroMark.com

State: NY

City: Brooklyn

Hobby Shop Name:   TrainWorld
Address:   751 McDonald Ave.
Phone Number:    (800) 541-7010
Internet Address:   www.trainworld.com

City: Lynbrook

Hobby Shop Name:   TrainLand
Address:   293 Sunrise Highway
Phone Number:    (800) 541-7010
Internet Address:   www.trainworld.com

City: Mineola

Hobby Shop Name:   Willis Hobbies
Address:   300 Willis Ave.
Phone Number:   (516) 746-3944
Internet Address:   www.WillisHobbies.com

City: Webster

Hobby Shop Name:   Empire Train & Hobby
Address:   26 East Main Street
Phone Number:    (585) 545-4402
Internet Address:   www.empiretrain.com

State: OH

City: Cincinnati

Hobby Shop Name:   DCC Train LLC
Address:   6123 Watchview Ct.
Phone Number:    (513) 335-2199
Internet Address:   www.dcctrain.com

State: OK

City: Portland

Hobby Shop Name:   Reindeer Pass Railroad
Phone Number:    515-984-6946
Internet Address:   www.ReindeerPass.com

State: OR

City: Portland

Hobby Shop Name:   The Hobby Smith
Address:   1809 NE Cesar E Chavez Blvd.
Phone Number:    (503) 284-1912
Internet Address:   www.hobbysmith.com

State: PA

City: Blue Ridge Summit

Hobby Shop Name:   Mainline Hobby Supply
Address:   15066 Buchanan T.E
Phone Number:    (717) 794-2860

City: York

Hobby Shop Name:   G-Scale Installations LLC
Address:   125 Leham Dr.
Phone Number:    (717) 309-0706
Internet Address:   www.gscaleinstallations.net

State: RI

City: Warwick

Hobby Shop Name:   AA Hobbies
Address:   655 Jefferson Blvd.
Phone Number:    (401) 737-7111
Internet Address:   www.aahobbies.com

State: TN

City: Murfreesboro

Hobby Shop Name:   HobbyTown USA
Address:   536 N. Thompson Lane, Suite J
Phone Number:   (615) 890-6777

City: Nashville

Hobby Shop Name:   Tennessee Central Railway Museum
Address:   220 Willow Street
Phone Number:    (615) 244-9001

State: TX

City: Athens

Hobby Shop Name:   Harris Hobbies
Address:   9323 County Road 1127
Phone Number:   (903) 489-2646
Internet Address:   www.harrishobbies.com

City: Corpus Christi

Hobby Shop Name:   Southern Valley Trains
Address:   4331 S. Alameda Street
Phone Number:    (361) 992-4665

City: Houston

Hobby Shop Name:   Papa Ben's Train Place
Address:   2506 South Boulevard
Phone Number:    (713) 523 - 5600
Internet Address:   www.papabens.com

City: Longview

Hobby Shop Name:   Branchline Hobbies
Address:   104B Pinebrook Pl
Phone Number:    (903) 234-9932

City: San Antonio

Hobby Shop Name:   Dibble's Hobbies
Address:   1029 Donaldson Ave.
Phone Number:    (210) 735-7721

State: UT

City: Orem

Hobby Shop Name:   Hobby Stop
Address:   327 East 1200 South # 10
Phone Number:    (801) 226-7947

State: VA

City: Midlothian

Hobby Shop Name:   Chesterfield Hobbies
Address:   13154 Midlothian Turnpike
Phone Number:    (804) 379-9091

City: Portmouth

Hobby Shop Name:   Classic Toys 4 U 2
Address:   5225 High St. West
Phone Number:    (757) 537-4018

State: VT

City: Essex Junction

Hobby Shop Name:   Tony's Train XChange
Address:   Pinewood Plaza 57 River Rd, Suite 1023
Phone Number:    (800) 978-3472
Internet Address:   www.TonysTrains.com


State: WA

City: Pasco

Hobby Shop Name:   P.F. & S Railway Supply
Address:   560 Ione Rd.
Phone Number:    (888) 737-7991

City: Spokane

Hobby Shop Name:   Sunset Junction Model Trains
Address:   419 E Sprague Ave
Phone Number:    (509) 838-2379

State: WI

City: Madison

Hobby Shop Name:   Madison Hobby Stop
Address:   6622 Mineral Point Road
Phone Number:    (608) 829-3820

City: Milwaukee

Hobby Shop Name:   South Side Trains, Inc
Address:   3979 S. Howell Ave
Phone Number:    (920) 490-4839
Internet Address:   www.southsidetrains.com

City: Plymouth

Hobby Shop Name:   Mullet River Hobby Shop
Address:   414 E. Mill St.
Phone Number:    920-893-4400

City: Waukesha

Hobby Shop Name:   Hiawatha Hobbies
Address:   2026 Silvernail Rd
Phone Number:    (262) 544-4131
Internet Address:   www.hiawathahobbies.com



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