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LM-1 HO Scale Locomotive Module

The LM-1 is a module that you can install into a model train locomotive so the locomotive can be controlled and setup by a Ring Engineering RailPro Controller, such as the HC-1 Handheld Controller with a Color Touch Screen! After the LM-1 is installed in a locomotive, you will be able to control the locomotive speed, direction, up to 4 light outputs and sounds! The LM-1 has “Direct Radio” (RF transceiver) built inside. The built in RF module allows commands and data to be sent and received to and from the module. You can load a picture of your choice into the LM-1 module.  Then you will be able to touch the screen of the HC-1 to take control of your locomotive!

The LM-1 is electrically compatible with the DCC plug found in many locomotives to promote easy installation. However, the LM-1 responds to RailPro Direct Radio commands only and DOES NOT respond to DCC commands and can not be controlled or setup with any DCC system.

The LM-1 is equipped with Direct Radio! This allows Ring Engineering Controlling Devices such as the HC-1, Handheld Controller with Color Touch screen, to control and configure your locomotive by sending and receiving data directly to the LM-1 through the air by use of RF transmission! The Direct Radio is very fast giving your locomotive quick response to your controls. Further, a controlling device can detect your LM-1 with just a few touches on the screen. Because of Direct Radio, you can load a picture of your locomotive to the LM-1! You can also load Sounds, Light Effects and much more!

Your LM-1 is equipped with Real Sound Technology!  This is Ring Engineering proprietary technology that allows your LM-1 to produce realistic locomotive sounds! Four channel simultaneous sound processor!

Silent Drive is a feature of your LM-1 that allows your locomotive motor to be driven with a signal that does not cause your locomotive motor to make any humming noises; so your locomotive can glide along quietly.

Four light outputs.  Can be configured for multiple light effects on a single output including On/Off, Dim, Ditch, Mars, Strobe, and more!  Additional light effects can be loaded using DirectRadio!

Built in protection with fault reporting by Direct Radio!

Small size 2.03 x 0.69 x 0.28 Inches for easier fit.


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You will need a RailPro controller such as a HC-1 (Handheld Controller with Color Touch Screen - Not Included) to control, setup and monitor a LM-1. Actual HC-1 screen shots are shown below!

Pages to Select and Control Locomotives


Pages to Setup Locomotives



Page to Monitor Locomotive


Instruction Sheet

Package Contents:
LM-1 Locomotive Module
Speaker Cable
Instruction Sheet

US Patent 8,807,487 and 10,780,362
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