Ring Engineering RailPro Assistant Software

RailPro Assistant Software

Computer Monitor Not Included

The RailPro Assistant software is a program for your computer that will allow you to load Pictures, Sounds, Light Effects, Accessory Projects, and Programs from Ring Engineering's Internet site to your Handheld Controller, Locomotive Modules and other RailPro Direct Radio enabled RailPro Modules! 

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Revision 4.01
PC Requirements:
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.
Pressing the above download button will load a copy of the
Ring Engineering RailPro Assistant Software onto your computer.
See the User Manual below for installation instructions.

RailPro Assistant Program Feature List

FEATURE Fee Required
Load User Custom Pictures FREE
Load Ring Engineering Pictures FREE
Load Ring Engineering Sounds FREE
Load Ring Engineering Light Effects FREE
Load Ring Engineering Accessory Project Files FREE
Load Ring Engineering Programs (For HC-x, LM-x, etc) FREE
Load User Custom Sounds FREE
Create User Custom Light Effect FREE
Create User Custom Accessory Projects FREE

RailPro Assistant Software Capabilities

Load User Custom Pictures   FREE
Use your own camera and take a picture of your locomotive or accessory and use the RailPro Assistant Software to convert it to a RailPro format.  Then load it to your handheld controller.

Load Ring Engineering Pictures   FREE

Ring Engineering has hundreds of pictures to choose from on our internet site to load to your handheld controller.  If you have a standard, off the shelf locomotive, it could be on our internet site so you do not have to take your own picture.  Just choose the picture and load it!

If a picture of your locomotive is not on our internet site, you can take your own picture.  Then you can email it to us and we can convert it to RailPro for all users to load. Your locomotive must be 'as purchased', and you need to take a good picture like described in the RailPro Assistant user manual.  If your locomotive is custom painted, you can still get the picture on RailPro. The RailPro Assistant Software can import a certain picture format and allow your custom pictures to be used on your locomotive module!  You will need to format the picture and convert it to a picture type that RailPro Assistant will import which can be accomplished with many commonly available graphic editors. See RailPro Assistant User Manual for details.

Load Ring Engineering Sounds   FREE

You can select from many sounds including Diesel, Steam, and even turbine sounds!  There is also a large selection of horns, bells, whistles, accessory sounds and more! 

Load Ring Engineering Light Effects   FREE

You can select from many light effects including Mars, Ditch, Beacon, Strobe, Double Strobe, Fire Box and more to load to your locomotive or accessory modules!

Load Ring Engineering Accessory Project Files   FREE

You can select from Ring Engineering pre-made Accessory projects like Turntable, Caboose, Swing Bridge and much more.  You can touch a picture of these accessories to control them! Sample handheld controller accessory screens are below:


Load Ring Engineering Programs (For HC-x, LM-x, etc)   FREE

You can upgrade your RailPro products with new programs to add new capabilities and improve operation! 

Load User Custom Sounds   FREE

You can take any sound file, including ones you recorded, and turn them into RailPro compatible sound files to load onto your Locomotive and Accessory modules!  You can make your own bell or horn sounds, or add radio chatter, or any other custom sound you want!  The sounds you make can be added to a sound capable locomotive (example LM-3S) or accessory module (example AM-1S).

Create User Custom Light Effects   FREE

You can create most any light effect you can image using the graphical light effect editor. Use the light effects you create in your RailPro locomotive or accessory projects!

Create User Custom Accessory Projects   FREE

Our new software will allow you to use your handheld controller and control practically your entire layout!  You can control the lights in your buildings, play sound effects, light effects, and even control motion from the handheld screen!  We believe that our custom Accessory Project software is as revolutionary as RailPro was to model train control!  You can add buttons to a custom page, position the buttons where you want, and enter logic to make the button do as you want. You can control lights, sounds, or motors to produce motion on your layout.  For example, you can add an AM-1S to your train station and put buttons on the screen.  When you press one button, you can turn the lights in the station on or off and when you press another button, a speaker can play the sound 'All Aboard'.  You can also add logic that can read inputs form the module to activate an output and much more! The possibilities are endless.  See the RailPro Assistant User Manual to see all the capabilities of making a custom Accessory Project.   

Older USB Drivers for RailPro HC-2 Handheld Controllers
The HC-2b Handheld Controller does not need these older USB drivers.
Only load these drivers if you have an older HC-2.
IMPORTANT: You will need to go to RailPro Assistant 'Setup' and Enable 'Use Older HC-2 Drivers'.

US Patent 8,807,487 and patent pending
Made In USA
Not recommended for persons under the age of 14


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