Ring Engineering RailPro Software

RailPro Software

Computer Monitors Not Included

  • Allows you to use your computer to load pictures, sounds, light effects, programs, and projects from Ring Engineering's Internet site to your RailPro products.
  • Allows you to load your own pictures and sounds.
  • Allows you to create your own custom projects.
  • Draws a RailPro Handheld Controller on your computer screen so you can control and setup RailPro products.
  • HC Simulator can do basically any setup or control that a real HC can.
  • Requires a CI-1 (Computer Interface module) to add USB Direct Radio to your computer.

You can load the RailPro Assistant and the HC Simulator on the same computer at the same time!  This allows you to use the RailPro Assistant to load Pictures, Sounds, Lights, Programs, and more to the HC Simulator!

You do not need to own any RailPro equipment to load these two free programs to your computer.  Without a CI-1 and a locomotive equipped with a RailPro module you will be limited in what you can do but you can still select files and load them to the HC simulator and explore some of the capabilities of both software programs.


US Patent 8,807,487 and Patent Pending
Made In USA
Not recommended for persons under the age of 14


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