Ring Engineering AM-1

TC-1 Turnout Controller Module

Lower cost than older AM-1!

The TC-1 is a module that you can install on your model train layout and control 4 turnouts (switch tracks).  The TC-1 can be controlled and setup by a Ring Engineering RailPro Controller, such as the HC-3 Handheld Controller. 


Control up to 4 turnouts per Module
Control Snap or Motor Operated Turnouts!
Size: 4.60 x 3.00 x 1.18 inches

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Price $69.99

You will need a RailPro controller such as a HC-3 (Handheld Controller with Color Touch Screen - Not Included) to control, setup and monitor a TC-1. Actual HC-3 screen shots are show below!

Page to Control Turnouts

Pages to Setup Turnouts


Package Contents:
TC-1 Turnout Control Module
User Manual

US Patent 8,807,487
Made In USA
Not recommended for persons under the age of 14

TC-1 Frequently Asked Questions

How many turnouts can a single TC-1 operate?

Four turnouts can be controlled from a single TC-1.

How many TC-1's can you use on one layout?

There is no practical limit to the number of TC-1s you can add to operate most any amount of turnouts.


How many TC-1's can be powered from a single RailPro power supply?

The PWR-56 can power many TC-1s for snap type stitches and several dozen TC-1s for Motor Operated turnouts.


Can the TC-1 operate motor operated switches?

Yes.  We recommend using slow motion motor operated switches instead of snap type switches.  The motor operated switches can use 10 times less power than a snap switch.


Can the TC-1 operate snap type switches?

Yes.  It can operate both 2-Wire and 3-Wire snap switches.

Can the TC-1 operate G gauge switches?

Yes.  We have operated several popular brand G scale switches with TC-1.

What power supply can be used with TC-1?

You should only power a TC-1 with a PWR-56 Power Supply.


Can you use one TC-1 to control snap switches and have another TC-1 to control Motor Operated switches on the same layout?

Yes.  You can set each TC-1 to operate motor operated switches or snap type switches.  However, you must connect all the same type of switches to any one TC-1.

Can the TC-1 display the current direction on the Handheld display (straight or turn)?

Yes.  You can even enable a feature to set direction on power on (incase someone manually threw a switch during power off) to be sure the display on the Handheld matches the actual turnout direction.

Does the TC-1 have wired feedback?

No.  Almost no users implemented this feature on older AM-1 so it has been removed from TC-1 and TC-1 is available at a lower cost than AM-1.  Most users do not want to go through the significant of wiring and setup to make feedback work and basically all customers like a lower price.

Will you offer a model with feedback at a later time?

If there is enough interest in a model of TC with feedback, we may offer this product at a later time. If you have an interest in a TC with feedback, be sure to send us an email and let us know.


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