Ring Engineering AM-1S

AM-2S Accessory Controller Module with Sound

Much more powerful Audio Amplifier than AM-1S!
Up to 13 Watts of Audio Power!!!

The AM-2S is a module that you can install on your model train layout to control Accessory Projects.  You can control a turntable, swing bridge, oil pumps, lights in buildings, and much more!!! You can use our RailPro Assistant Software to design custom screens for your HC-3 to control your accessories!!!  The AM-2S can be controlled and setup by a Ring Engineering RailPro Controller, such as the HC-3 Handheld Controller.  The AM-2S is not for use with turnouts.  Please use TC-1 for turnout control.


Control motors, lights, operate lights with light effects and play custom loaded sounds!
Size: 4.60 x 3.00 x 1.18 inches

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Price $99.99


You will need a RailPro controller such as a HC-3 (Handheld Controller with Color Touch Screen - Not Included) to control, setup, and monitor a AM-2S. Actual HC-3 screen shots are show below!

Example of a HC-3 setup to control a swing bridge.

Turntable Project
For non-sound version of this project you can use a AM-1.

Farm Project

Oil Pump Project

Use our RailPro Assistant Software to design your own custom handheld screens to control your custom Accessory projects!!!! 
Click here to go to the
RailPro Assistant Software page.

Important Note:  The AM-2S hardware has 8 outputs that can be software controlled for 4 motor outputs or 8 sourcing outputs.  It also has another 8 I/O that can be configured for 8 inputs or 8 sinking outputs.  Currently there is only one software configuration available for the module (2 motor outputs, 4 sourcing outputs, and 8 inputs).  We may offer more software configurations in the future.

Package Contents:
AM-2S Accessory Module
User Manual

US Patent 8,807,487
Made In USA
Not recommended for persons under the age of 14


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