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Over 100 Different Sounds to Customize Your Model Railroad!

Sounds Files that end in ULT are Ultimate Series Sounds!
Our Ultimate Series Sounds are truly an exceptional improvement in model railroad sound technology!
Sounds Frequently Asked Questions

Note: If there is a sound on this list and playtime is 0:00 seconds, then the PC sound
sample has not been completed but the RailPro sound is ready to use.


Diesel Prime Movers

Alco C425 - Alco 251 ULT

Alco C630 - Alco 251 ULT

Alco C636 - Alco 251 ULT

Alco C648 - Alco 251 ULT

Alco DL-105 - Alco 539T

Alco DL-107 - Alco 539T

Alco DL-108 - Alco 539T

Alco DL-109 - Alco 539T

Alco HR616 - Alco 251 ULT

Alco LRC-2 - Alco 251 ULT

Alco LRC-3 - Alco 251 ULT

Alco M636 - Alco 251 ULT

Alco M640 - Alco 251 ULT

Alco RS-1 - Alco 539T

Alco RSC-13 - Alco 539T

Alco RSD-1 - Alco 539T

Alco S-2 - Alco 539T

Alco S-4 - Alco 539T

EMD DDM45 - EMD 645-20

EMD E3 - EMD 567-16 ULT

EMD E4 - EMD 567-16 ULT

EMD E5 - EMD 567-16 ULT

EMD E6 - EMD 567-16 ULT

EMD E7 - EMD 567-16 ULT

EMD F40 - EMD 645 Turbo ULT

EMD F40PH - EMD 645 Turbo ULT

EMD F45 - EMD 645-20

EMD FP45 - EMD 645-20

EMD G22 - EMD 645-12 ULT

EMD GP15-1 - EMD 645-12 ULT

EMD GP15AC - EMD 645-12 ULT

EMD GP20 - EMD 567-16 ULT

EMD GP26 - EMD 645 Blower ULT

EMD GP30 - EMD 567-16 ULT

EMD GP35 - EMD 567-16 ULT

EMD GP38 - EMD 645 Blower ULT

EMD GP38-2 - EMD 645 Blower ULT

EMD GP39 - EMD 645-12 ULT

EMD GP39-2 - EMD 645-12 ULT

EMD GP40 - EMD 645 Turbo ULT

EMD GP40-2 - EMD 645 Turbo ULT

EMD GP40T - EMD 645 Turbo ULT

EMD GP49 - EMD 645-12 ULT

EMD GP50 - EMD 645 Turbo ULT

EMD GP60 - EMD 710 ULT

EMD GT22 - EMD 645-12 ULT

EMD JT22 - EMD 645-12 ULT

EMD MP15AC - EMD 645-12 ULT

EMD MP15DC - EMD 645-12 ULT

EMD NSWGR 422 - EMD 645 Blower ULT

EMD SD35 - EMD 567-16 ULT

EMD SD38 - EMD 567-16 ULT

EMD SD38 - EMD 645 Blower ULT

EMD SD38-2 - EMD 645 Blower ULT

EMD SD39 - EMD 645-12 ULT

EMD SDL39 - EMD 645-12 ULT

EMD SD40 - EMD 645 Turbo ULT

EMD SD40-2 - EMD 645 Turbo ULT

EMD SD40-T - EMD 645 Turbo ULT

EMD SD45 - EMD 645-20

EMD SD45-2 - EMD 645-20

EMD SD45-T - EMD 645-20

EMD SD50 - EMD 645 Turbo ULT

EMD SD60 - EMD 710 ULT


EMD SD70 - EMD 710 ULT


EMD SD75 - EMD 710 ULT

EMD SDP40 - EMD 645 Turbo ULT

EMD SW1500 - EMD 645-12 ULT

EMD SW1504 - EMD 645-12 ULT

EMD T44 - EMD 645-12 ULT

GE AC4400 - GE 7FDL-16 ULT

GE B30 - GE 7FDL-16 Early ULT

GE C30 - GE 7FDL-16 Early ULT

GE C36 - GE 7FDL-16 Early ULT

GE C38 - GE 7FDL-16 ULT

GE C44 - GE 7FDL-16 ULT

GE Dash 8 - GE 7FDL-16 ULT

GE Dash 9 - GE 7FDL-16 ULT

GE ES40 - GE Gevo-12 ULT

GE ES43 - GE Gevo-12 ULT

GE ES44 - GE Gevo-12 Tier 4 ULT

GE ET44 - GE Gevo-12 Tier 4 ULT

GE U25 - GE 7FDL-16 Early ULT

GE U28 - GE 7FDL-16 Early ULT

GE U30 - GE 7FDL-16 Early ULT

GE U33 - GE 7FDL-16 Early ULT

GE U36 - GE 7FDL-16 Early ULT

GE U33 - GE 7FDL-16 Early ULT

Diesel Horns

Leslie A-200 ULT

Leslie RS5T ULT

Leslie S-2M

Nathan K-13

Nathan K-3HA-R2 ULT

Nathan K5-CA-LS 3 Ch

Nathan K5-CA-LS 5 Ch

Nathan K-5HL-R2 ULT

Nathan K-5LA ULT

Nathan KS-1L

Nathan KSV-2

Nathan P5 ULT

Nathan M3 ULT

Nathan P-124

Prime PM-920

Nathan K-5H-R24 5 Chime

Wabco E2 ULT

Diesel Bells

Bell Brass

Bell Bronze

Bell Electric

Bell GE Steel

Bell Howard

CN Bronze Bell

Diesel Bell

Gong Bell

Diesel Other Sounds

Brake Automatic Release

Brake Automatic Set

Brake SafeSet Release

Brake SafeSet Set

Coupler Clank

Fast Spitter

Handbrake Release

Handbrake Set

Start Up Warning



Uncouple Lever

Steam Chuff / Boiler

Light Steam

Heavy Steam ULT

Shay ULT

Steam Whistles

Aermore 4 Chime ULT

Baldwin 3 Chime ULT

Beckmann 4 Chime

Big Boy ULT

Canadian Special 3 Chime

Class 800

Frisco 6 Chime

Kinsley 4 Chime

Lunkenheimer 1 Chime

Nathan 6 Chime ULT

NW Hooter ULT

Powell 3 Chime

Rio Grande 3 Chm

Steam Bells

Bell Challenger

Bell Howard

Bell Jupiter

Bell NP 765

Bell Steam 1

Bell Steam 2

Narrow Gauge 12 Inch

Steam Bell

Steam Other Sounds

Boiler Blowdown

Shoveling Coal

Water Fill

Turbine Sounds

GTEL Turbine

Rail Vehicle Sounds

Horn Ahooga

Farm Animal Sounds

Chicken Sounds

Cow Sounds

Duck Sounds

Goat Sounds

Horse Sounds

Large Dog Barking

Medium Dog Barking

Pig Sounds

Rooster Sounds

Sheep Sounds

Small Dog Barking

Turkey Sounds

Sounds Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about RailPro's Ultimate Series sound files?

The main difference in an Ultimate (or ULT) sound file is the fact that when a locomotive is continuously playing in a notch it sounds continuous and flowing.  The typical DCC module has a recording of a second or so of sound for each notch and they just play the same second of sound again and again.  It does not sound realistic and can even sound annoying.  RailPro ULT technology sounds natural! ULT sounds of primemovers are from excellent source recordings including locomotives operating under load.  When coupled with our patent pending Load Feature Technology it really sounds authentic! Since it is common for your locomotive to spend most of its time at idle or running in one constant notch the RailPro ULT technology really makes a difference!

Do I have to buy a special module for Diesel or special module for Steam sounds?

No.  Our sound modules can be loaded with diesel or steam sounds.

Can a locomotive with a RailPro module with ULT sounds be controlled by my DCC layout?

Yes!  A locomotive with a RailPro module installed is dual mode meaning it can be run by RailPro Radio Control or by standard DCC (through the track) systems.  If you have a DCC system you would want to buy a low cost Computer Interface, CI-1, to setup the module for DCC and load the sounds that you want. 

How do I actually load the sound to a RailPro locomotive? 

You use the RailPro Assistant Computer Program to select and load the sounds to the RailPro Locomotive Module. The general steps are:

1) Select the sound file that you want to load on the RailPro Assistant Program into the RailPro Assistant Download List.

2) Connect the USB cable to the RailPro Handheld Controller and load the sound file to the handheld controller.

3) Copy the file to the locomotive module using Direct Radio+NET (Use Radio Frequency to transfer the sound file from the RailPro Handheld Controller to the locomotive module). 
4) Go in the Locomotive Adjustments Page on the RailPro Handheld Controller and select the sound you want to use!

The exact steps are described in detail, with many pictures, in the RailPro Assistant User Manual.  RailPro Assistant User Manual is a downloadable PDF that is on the RailPro Assist internet page.  Click here to go to the RailPro Assistant internet page!

Is there limitations like I only get this bell or that horn for this primemover?

No.  You pick any primemover you want and load any bell or horn or any auxiliary sounds (like coupler clank etc.) that you want!  You can even load multiple bells and horns to the same locomotive!  RailPro is really capable and flexible so you can setup you locomotive like you want!

How do I find the proper primemover sound file name for my particular diesel locomotive?

In the Diesel Primemover Section the locomotives are listed first in alphabetical order (Alco before EMD etc.). Next to the locomotive type is the file name for the most appropriate primemover sound file. See below:


I do not hear all eight notches in the primemover samples.  Do the real RailPro sound files have all eight notches?

YES!  These are only short samples to let you get an idea of what the sound is generally like.

I do not hear compressor and let-off sounds in the primemover samples.  Do the real RailPro sound files have these sounds?

YES!  There are appropriate automatic compressor, let-off, and brake sounds with each primemover sound file.


Why do some sounds not play and have a play time of 0:00?

The PC sample sound has not been completed so far.   If the sound is in this list then the RailPro format of the sound is ready to load into your RailPro model railroad and we plan to put a sample sound up as soon as it is finished.  We plan to offer all primemovers, horns, and whistles as ULT sounds and we plan to make an appropriate PC sound sample at that time.


Why does more than one locomotives have the same primemover file name specified?

The majority of the sound that a locomotive makes comes from the exhaust of the diesel fuel burning primemover engine.  Sometimes different locomotives use the same diesel fuel burning primemover engine and therefore can sound the same. 

Can I load my own custom sounds?

YES! Any sound that you can save in a proper wave file can be converted into RailPro format and loaded into locomotive modules or accessory modules.


What type of custom sounds can I load into RailPro modules?

You can load simple single play sounds (i.e. you press a button and your sound plays once).  You can also make your own custom looping sounds.  These are comprised of three different sound files.  A Looping Sound has a beginning sound, a looping sound, and an ending sound.  When a button is pressed the beginning sound is played then a looping sound is played again, and again, until the button is turned off.  When the button is turned off, an ending sound is played.  With looping sounds you can make custom Bell sounds and much more!

I see farm animal sounds.  That is odd for a locomotive....so...why are they here?

With RailPro you can add automation for the entire layout and control the lights, actions, and sounds from a RailPro Handheld controller!  You can add our accessory modules such as AM-1S and add projects to control Farms, buildings and so much more.  For example, you can touch a picture of the farm on your layout and play farm animal sounds. Locomotive modules like on LM-3S can be changed to accessory modules and added to a caboose or passenger car.  You can then touch the picture of the caboose or passenger car turn on lights or play the sounds that you want!

Will my model sound just like these samples?

Yes and No.  Yes in that the PC samples are taken directly from the RailPro sound files that you load into your models. The samples are compressed for the internet so the RailPro sounds can sound better from that perspective.  You should keep in mind that your PCs speakers may be much larger than your model speakers and that can have a significant impact on overall sound.   However, in G Scale locos, you can put speakers in that are similar in size to common PC speakers and since the LM-3S-G has up to 13 Watts of power it can sound very much like your PC playing these samples and possibly even sound better! If you preview the sounds on a smart phone, tablet, or laptop with smaller speakers, the sound form even HO models with good speakers can sound better.


Do you plan to add more sounds?

Yes.  We continue, and plan to continue to improve and add more sounds.


All sounds and sound availability are subject to change without notice. 
Copyright 2022 Ring Engineering, Inc.